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Bike Transport Services Pune

Welcome to Preeti Home Packers and Movers, We do provide a Bike Transport Services in Pune to All Over India. Bike Transport Services in Pune takes place only with the help of a reliable Bike transport services provider, Preeti Home Packers and Movers have always understood the client’s requirement and have always risen over and above the expectations of its clients. Are you changing Homes and unsure of how to move your Bike to your new house? The easiest thing to do is to use the same Movers and Packers  which you are referring for your household items relocation. Bike Transportation Charges in Pune can be closed as well as open.

bike transport services pune

We use the Best Quality Packing material to pack the Bikes or Scooty or Cycle and All of our Bike Transport comes with Door to Door relocation benefits. This allows our customers to have their relocation executed while they are in the comfort zone of their houses. We understand your needs for Best Bike Transport Services in Pune, So we offer most reliable and affordable prices for the bike transport or scooty parcel.


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    Bike Transport Services Near Me

    We are one of India’s Best leading company of transporting all types of Bike Shifting, Two Wheeler Parcel, Scooty transportation, Sports Bikes Parcel, etc from Pune to All Over India. So, you get absolutely be relaxed, tension-free that you are dealing with the very Best Bike Transport services in Pune. If you want your Bike or Car to be transported from us then just search for Bike Transportation Services Near Me in Google.

    Bike Transport Services in Pune

    Bike transport charges in Pune can get a bit expensive, if you choose a Bike transportation company in Pune, India that also provides vehicle shifting through by road or by train you will be saving a lot of money. You can get your Bike transportation at best price with an ease, if you go with our verified transporters i.e. Preeti Home Packers and Movers. Whether you are searching for Bike transportation charges from Pune, Mumbai to Bangalore or any other cities in India or a trusted solution by the Best Bike transport services from Pune, our Packers and Movers has got everything sorted for you.

    Bike Transport Charges in Pune

    Bike Transport Charges / Distance / Vehicle Type 100 km to 250 km 250 km to 400 km 400 km to 800 km 800 km to 3000 km
    90 cc to 125 cc Bike
    Rs 3,500 – Rs 4,500 Rs 4,000 – Rs 5,000 Rs 4,500 – Rs 5,500 Rs 5,000 – Rs 6,000
    125 cc to 150 cc Bike
    Rs 4,500 – Rs 5,000 Rs 5,000 – Rs 6,000 Rs 5,500 – Rs 6,500 Rs 6,000 – Rs 7,000
    150 cc to 200 cc Bike
    Rs 5,000 – Rs 6,000 Rs 6,000 – Rs 7,000 Rs 6,500 – Rs 7,500 Rs 6,500 – Rs 7,500
    200 cc to 350 cc Bike
    Rs 6,000 – Rs 7,000 Rs 7,000 – Rs 8,000 Rs 7,500 – Rs 8,500 Rs 8,500 – Rs 10,000
    350 cc and Above that
    Rs 7,000 – Rs 9,000 Rs 8,000 – Rs 10,000 Rs 8,500 – Rs 11,500 Rs 9,500 – Rs 12,500

    What are the charges for Scooty Transportation Services in India ?

    The Charges for Scooty transportation services in Pune may range between Rs 3,500 and Rs 10,000. The price may vary depending on the weight, model and the distance between your current city and the new city. There are many factors in which the Scooty Transportation Charges depends i.e. Scooty transportation by road, Scooty transportation by train or type of Scooty is it.

    E.g:- Honda Activa Scooty transportation Charges, Hero Pleasure Scooty transportation Charges, Suzuki Access Scooty transportation Cost, TVS Jupiter Scooty transportation Cost, Honda Dio Scooty transportation Cost, Yamaha Fascino Scooty transportation Rate, Aprilia SR 150 Scooty transportation Rate, Hero Duet Scooty Transportation Cost, etc.

    Charges of Sports Bike Transportation Services in India

    Want to Transport Sports Bike from one place to another. You can transport it hassle-free through Preeti Home Packers and Movers . Want to Know the Scooty Transport Charges or Sports Bike Transportation Charges or Rate Cost Rate Calculator then .

    Scooty / Sports Bike Transportation Rate Chart

    TYPE / Distance 100 km to 250 km 250 km to 400 km 400 km to 800 km 800 km to 3000 km
    Scooty Transport Rate
    Rs 3,500 – Rs 4,500 Rs 4,500 – Rs 5,500 Rs 5,500 – Rs 6,500 Rs 6,500 – Rs 7,500
    Sports Bike Charges
    Rs 5,500 – Rs 7,500 Rs 6,500 – Rs 8,500 Rs 8,000 – Rs 10,000 Rs 9,500 – Rs 11,000
    Cruiser Sports Bike Cost
    Rs 6,500 – Rs 8,500 Rs 8,000 – Rs 10,500 Rs 9,500 – Rs 12,500 Rs 11,500 – Rs 15,000
    Off Road Sports Bike Rate Cost
    Rs 7,500 – Rs 9,000 Rs 9,500 – Rs 11,500 Rs 10,500 – Rs 13,500 Rs 13,500 – Rs 16,500

    NOTE:- Given pricing is only an approximate estimation of Bike Transportation Services Pune Charges. Hence, the actual Bike Transport Services Pune Charges may differ by km / distance or the type of vehicle is i.e. Simple Bike or Bullet Bike or Avenger Bike or any other Sports Bike.

    Step by Step Work Flow to Pack the Bike:-

    Step 1: Door Pick up Bike Transport Service in Pune
    Preeti Home Packers and Movers provide Door Pick up Service for most of the cities in INDIA, for Door Pick up, we use a local vehicle or send our Labours (Executive).

    Pick up through a 3-Wheeler / 4- Wheeler Vehicle or by an Executive:-

    1. In this process, we send a 3 -Wheeler / 4-Wheeler Vehicle to your house.
    2. Our Staff / labour will check the Bike for any Damage / Scratches are there on Bike or not and Clicks the images or can make a video of your Bike.
    3. Our Staff will Load the Bike into an Local vehicle and transport it to our Warehouse.
    4. If Bike is in Running condition & with the permission of the Customer (Party) our Staff will drive the vehicle safely and reaches to the Office i.e Warehouse.

    Packing Of Bike at our Warehouse:-

    Once the Bike reaches the warehouse, the side mirrors (If there are on Vehicles) are removed and packed. We pack and place them over the sit to prevent damage.

    Bike is packed using 3-Layer-Packing

    • Bubble Sheets: First Layer is of Bubble Sheet, this helps in avoiding unwanted scratches by rubbing of packing material over the Bike surface.
    • Cargo Sheets: Second Layer is of Cargo Sheet, this is a Card-Board type sheets which is resistant to any impact during Loading / unloading process.
    • Lamination: Third Layer is of Stage film i.e. Lamination . This is a transparent sheet of Plastic paper which is used to wrap the 1st & 2nd Layer, So that they don’t move from their places during Loading / Unloading process.
    • Marking: Once the packing is done, Bike is marked with the Details like Consignment Note i.e. LR Number for easy recognition during the transportation process.
    Step 2: Loading and Unloading Bike Transport Service
    • Once the Bike is packed, it is loaded onto the Vehicle which will carry it in city.
    • The Bike chassis is tied to the Vehicle body using ropes. This process helps in avoiding unwanted movements of Bike inside the Vehicles body, thus preventing any damage during transit.
    • Once the Bike reaches its Destination, Our technically trained staffs unloads the Bike from the Vehicle and handover to the Customer Properly.
    Step 3: Door Delivery Bike Transport Services in Pune We provide Door Delivery Service for most of the cities in India, for Door Delivery we use a local Vehicle or send our labour (Executive).
    • Our Executive will drive and deliver the Bike to your Door steps
    • Door Delivery through a 3-Wheeler or 4-Wheeler Vehicles to send a Bike at your house.
    • Our staff is fully trained to drive the Bike Safely.
    • Our staff will Unload and Unpack the Bike at your house.
    NOTE:- We also have 4-Layer Packing Service. In this Service, 2nd Layer is of thick foam sheet. This is used to avoid any impact during Loading / Unloading process. This layer is used on demand by Client and is Charged extra Rs 400 – Rs 700 extra or as per Bike Size. This Service is usually used on Sports Bikes.

    Benefits of Bike Shifting Services in Pune:

    1. Safe & Secure, Timely service delivery
    2. Careful loading & unloading
    3. Cost-effective & Economical Transportation

    Bike Transport Services by Train | Bike Parcel By Train

    A lot of people are still not aware of this that, Preeti Home Packers and Movers also provide service through Indian Railways that has the largest network in the states and they offer vehicle relocation facility as well. You can hire our Packers and Movers which is a reliable company that can help you with vehicle shifting and Bike transportation charges by train or by roadways are very affordable.
    Bike Transport Service Charges by Train or Bike Parcel by Train is very nominal and best way to transfer the 2-Wheeler Vehicle from one place to another. Bike Transportation Services by Train from Pune to All Over India – Shift your Bike by Train at cheap Price from Preeti Home Packers & Movers. Get online quote for packers and movers to Shift your Bike or Scooty by railways.

    Documents Required to Transport Bike by Train*

    In order to Transport Bike by Train you need following Valid Documents:-

    1. Documents*
      Carry Bike R.C. and Insurance Paper with you.
    2. ID Card*
      Take Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passport, etc (ANY ONE).

    It is very important that the Bike Transport companies should be insured. Check to know if we are, because you are trusting us with your Car Transportation in Pune ,Bike Transportation in Pune ,etc. & make sure that we are registered and following all current norms of GST.

    Important Tips to Our Customer:-

    • We are Best Bike Transport Service provider in Pune, to all over India
    • We have our own Go-down as well as Warehouse.
    • Our Head Office is in Nigdi, Pune.
    • We can pickup your Bike from Major Cities in India.
    • When your Bike reaches in our warehouse, our team will pack your Bike with Cargo sheet, Bubble sheet and with plastic wrapping i.e. Lamination.
    • If you opt for 4- Layer packing, we use Foam to pack your Bike.
    • You can transport your Bike from Pune to any location in India, We need Xerox Copy of the Insurance, I’d Card and R.C.
    • If you are absent during drop (Destination) location, we just need I’d card of person who collects the Bike on your behalf (absence).


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